National Night Out

The City of Dacono celebrates the National Night Out a little different this year. This is a project that I recently worked on at Studio Six Branding out of Longmont. We are currently working from home during COVID, for this project the effort was on planning the logistics, photoshoot coordination and directing photography. I was also tasked with research and script writing ahead of the photoshoot. I thought it was really great getting to know the subject matter and script before shooting any footage. This gave me a good sense of knowledge when shooting and developing the story as you shoot and work with talent.

The best part of working on a project like this is team collaboration and getting all the ideas on the table respectfully. My script may have been a good start, but it was great seeing as it re-written by Andrea Kaufman Robbins into a concise and script that I could execute on.

On-location, the rest of the details are just instinctual, a bit of light shaping, audio check and two camera roll in sequence really delivers the footage needed. I’m still using DSLR’s to do all the videos which comes with some challenges without a doubt. Shooting video this way may be a joke to some film producers, but you can get away with it if you know what you’re doing. One big challenge that I encountered was mounting of my laptop securely to small ladder to use as the teleprompter. I came up with an idea to slide it through a couple pieces of wooden slats, secured by typical shop clamps, I though it turned out pretty good given the timing.