Learning Photography

film strip showing different frames of the subway train passing by

Over the years I photographed random things that inspired me for whatever reason, at the time I didn’t know what made me take countless shots like these. Photos just stuffed away sitting useless, it looked pretty good, but why? I often asked myself, what good is it sitting unused, or what purpose does it serve. This exploration of photography through the years today it seems to be a self discovery of learning to see and respond to elements of design. Here are a few key images which led me where I’m at with photography today.

Black and White picture of a smooth sand on the beach with four wooden posts sticking out of the ground reflecting in the water.
2000 – Padre Island Texas, shot with Leica M6 50mm Summicron @ f/5.6 + Agfa ISO25
In color, top of the picture blue sky with white clouds, bottom picture thin  outline of white glacier rim.
1998 – Saint Marys Glacier, Colorado, shot with Nikon N70 50mm @ f/8
Black and white photo of beach sand compacted with tire markings and a long shadow of the photographer standing
Padre Island Texas, shot with Leica M6 35mm Summicron